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5 National Slalom Titles for #WARPBOYZ

Our NorthSails Slalom riders have been extremely successful with their Warps F2017 the last few days. Pierre Mortefon won the National Slalom Championships at the AFF Funboard Tour in Leucate. Jordy Vonk claimed 1st at the NK Windsurf National Slalom Championships in Lelystad. Marco Lang took the crown at the Austrian Slalom Championships at Lake Neusiedl. Pablo Ania won the 3rd tour stop of the Spanish Slalom Tour and therefore saved the Spanish Slalom title 2017 before the last event, since he has 3 bullets now. Daniel Aeberli won the Swiss Slalom title in Hyeres this spring.

#WarpBoyz domination

  • French Slalom Champion 2017: Pierre Mortefon
  • Dutch Slalom Champion 2017: Jordy Vonk
  • Austrian Slalom Champion 2017: Marco Lang
  • Spanish Slalom Champion 2017: Pablo Ania
  • Swiss Slalom Champion 2017: Daniel Aeberli