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FRA111Alice Arutkin


 Sailnumber FRA111
 DOB 10.02.1992
Birthplace Croix, close to Lille, France
 Currently living in Wimereux and Wissant, France
 Started Windsurfing I started Windsurfing when I was 10 yrs. old at home with my father.
 People you like to sail with I really like to sail with my childhood friends at home, especially my little brother. During contests, training and photoshootings i like to be with Antoine Albeau, Cedric Bordes, Sarah-Quita, the other french girls on the tour, with Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer in Maui.
 Favorite Spot I enjoyed all the spots I went, especially Maui and South Africa. But at home I like it best!
 Favorite food Fish, Pasta and exotic vegetables and fruits!
 Favorite magazine Any Windsurf Magazines, Fashion Magazines, and People Magazines – sometimes on the plane 😉
Hobbies windsurf, SUP, Dancing, Running, Shopping
Pets No pets. But I would like one in the future with my boyfriend

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2018Alice´s set up

Super Hero

Platinum Series RDM

Platinum Aero 2.0

Power.XT 2.0 Aero RDM 36

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