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NED69Jordy Vonk


 Nickname Vonkie, Spark or just Vonk
 Sailnumber NED-69
 DOB 14.06.1993
Birthplace Sassenheim, Netherlands
 Currently living in Nieuw-Vennep (Netherlands) and El Medano (Tenerife) in the winter
 Started Windsurfing 2005
 People you like to sail with My father, girlfriend, friends at home and all riders in Tenerife! Not having people I don´t like to sail with
 Favorite Spot El Medano, Tenerife
 Favorite food Pasta or Meat! Definitely a meat lover
 Favorite magazine Surf Magazine
Hobbies Crossfit, Fitness, MTB, race biking, surfing, wakeboarding, indoor soccer and SUP
Pets One awesome, lazy, but surfing Dog. It´s from my parents where I live in the Netherlands.

Jordy Vonk Results

2017Jordy´s set up

Warp F2017

Platinum Series SDM

Platinum Aero 2.0

Power.XT 2.0 SDM

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