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Sarah Hebert


 Nickname Sarah
 Birthplace Noumea, New Caledonia
 Currently living in Brittany, France
 Started Windsurfing 1999, New Caledonia
 People you like to sail with Ellen McArthur (she is not windsurfing, but she is my sailing hero) and Arnaud de Rosnay (french famous windsurfer adventurer)
 Favorite Spot Tenia Island in New Caledonia and Le Dossen in Brittany
 Favorite food Vegan meal and chocolate dessert!
 Favorite magazine Yoga journal
Hobbies Wind, Kite, surf, SUP, Yoga, Watercolor, bike, readings, gardening, cooking
Pets Pilou, my wateproof cat, he is the best!

2017Sarah´s set up

SuperHero HD

Platinum Aero 2.0

Platinum Aero

Power.XT Aero

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