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The windsurfing bug has hit you? You cannot wait to be back on the board to have fun and improve your skills? Just for people like you, Kai Hopf has developed the DRIVE_CLOTH. A modern school sail that makes learning and progressing incredibly easy. Even considering the solid cloth construction, it works amazingly well, is light in your hands and has great control during maneuvers.


  • 1.0
  • 1.5
  • 2.0
  • 2.5
  • 3.0
  • 3.5
  • 4.0
  • 4.5
  • 5.0
  • 5.7
  • 6.4

Sail Characteristics


Drive_ClothKey Features

  1. DACRON.VINYL.CONSTRUCTION: makes the DRIVE_CLOTH virtually indestructible
  2. DACRON.VINYL.CONSTRUCTION: perfect for learning as it gives the rider something to hold on to
  1. DACRON.VINYL.CONSTRUCTION: perfect for learning as the sail loads very gently
  2. 2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 year Warranty: register here
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Drive_ClothTech Specs

SIZE 1,0 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0 4,5 5,0 5,7 6,4
Boom max (cm) 114 114 127 137 158 164 172 175 180 185 194
Luff max (cm) 196 235 283 324 325 356 386 415 444 444 472
Vario top
Battens 0 0 0 0 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 3 4,5 4,5
Mast Type
EPX.Grom AL.200 /
EPX.Grom AL.200 /
EPX.RDM 290 /
EPX.Grom AL.200+AL.TOP I
EPX.RDM 290 /
EPX.RDM 290 /
EPX.RDM 340 /
EPX.RDM 370 /
EPX.RDM 400 /
EPX.RDM 430 EPX.RDM 430 EPX.25 SDM 460
Mast Length
200/230 200/230 290 290/340 290/340 340/370 370/400 400/430 430 430 460

Sail DesignerKai Hopf

“The DRIVE_CLOTH is a specialised schooling sail which makes the first steps as easy as possible yet is durable enough to even withstand the heavy day-to-day use in surf centres”

Rider Profile


The DRIVE_CLOTH features a cutting-edge two and a half-batten layout 2.5 (3.0 m2 and up), which offers amazing performance for a very wide target group. It was developed in close cooperation with the most famous surf schools and associations, whose insights and experiences have influenced the concept significantly.

The DRIVE_CLOTH is an easy planing sail that will accompany any beginner or dedicated improver for a very long time. It’s super easy to get out of the water and very easy to control on all courses as well as during maneuvers. In sub planing conditions it really gives the rider something to hold on to which is fundamental for improving your balance.

This is especially advantageous in choppy water. Once planing, the sail stays very well balanced; the wind pressure can be gradually transformed into speed, so that the rider is always in full control. The use of Dacron and Vinyl instead of mono-film makes the DRIVE_CLOTH virtually indestructible, which is why it is perfectly suited for use in windsurfing schools. The Dacron fulfills a second, very important purpose: thanks to the flexible material in combination with the unique profile the sail loads very gently. Thus, the DRIVE_CLOTH develops powerful propulsion enabling great planing power. Despite the full profile the draft remains very stable even when fully powered up.y.

2018 Color Combinations

Drive_Cloth C01

C01: Snow.White – Ferrari.Red
ART.No. 14400-1210

Drive_Cloth C02

C02: Snow.White – New.Orleans.Blue
ART.No. 14400-1210

Sail Features

No stretch, no tension loss

What has been proven in safety belts is just good enough for us windsurfers! As the only manufacturer we use Polyester webbing at the (vario) top, the tack roller and the batten tensioner attachment-loops. The advantage over conventional Polypropylene is the almost non-existing stretch. Even brand new sails now keep the full downhaul tension and need not be re-tensioned. The same is true for the batten tensioner. A small detail with a great effect!

Extremely stable, extremely unbreakable

There is no higher load on the equipment as you get during Wave riding or Freestyle. Brute forces when getting washed or heavy wipe-outs can quickly spoil the fun. For this reason, from now on all wave and freestyle sails (except IDOL_LTD) are equipped with brand new, extremely durable epoxy battens that can really survive anything. Some more evidence of the famous NorthSails longevity.

Extremely stable luff reinforcement

The area around the boom cutout is particularly exposed to wear and tear, because the luff panel always forms wrinkles when inserting the mast. Over time, this „accordion effect“ may cause cracks in the monofilm. The flexible DURA.LUFF.PATCH reinforces the area around the boom and creates a soft transition to the monofilm, while preventing cracks in the film.

Improved sail control at higher wind speeds

Kai Hopf relied on the WARP to design the TT.TOP. The concave shape is slightly reduced, which improves tension and allows for a more effective, three-dimensional top twist. This means the top twists not only horizontally, but also vertically under strong winds. By virtually neutralizing gusts, the rig’s kept steady in the rider‘s hands, and works in a much larger range of winds.