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Designed especially for the next generation, the DRIVE.GROM has all the characteristics and build-quality of a fully-fledged adult sail. We followed the motto: Only the best for the kids!


  • 1.0
  • 1.5
  • 2.0
  • 2.5
  • 3.0
  • 3.5



Drive_GromKey Features

  1. PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION: size-specific amount of battens ideally matching the age and weight of the kids
  2. Maximum weight reduction through iMODULAR.DESIGN
  1. VTS and HTS: NorthSails exclusive visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake
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Drive_GromTech Specs

SIZE 1,0 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0 3,5
Boom max (cm) 98 118 119 129 142 150
Luff max (cm) 199 199 260 290 318 327
Vario top
Battens 2 2 3 3 3 3
Weight (kg) 1.15 1.30 1.55 1.70 1.90 2.20
Mast Type
EPX Grom AL.200 /
EPX Grom AL.200 /
EPX.RDM 230 /
EPX Grom AL.200+AL.TOP I
EPX.RDM 290 /
EPX Grom AL.200+AL.TOP I
EPX.RDM 290 /
EPX Grom AL.200+AL.TOP I
EPX.RDM 340 /
Mast Length
200/230 200/230 230/260 290 290/340 340/360

Sail DesignerKai Hopf

“The main goal for the DRIVE_GROM was to create a super light kid sail to make learning and progressing much faster. Through an intelligent material mix and panel-layout we were able to generate one of the lightest sails on the market without sacrificing durability.”

Rider Profile


Most sail brands use exactly the same materials for their kids sail as in the adult sails (e.g. heavy X.PLY). Surf instructors think about this as completely over engineered and refer to the basic physical requirements. Through years of cooperation with all major schools (e.g. VDWS, Club Mistral, Planet) NorthSails has gained an enormous competitive edge in this area, which is fully incorporated into the DRIVE.GROM line. A very balanced shape combined with lightweight cloths are used to perfectly suit the light weight and lack of power of the target group. The new DRIVE.GROM therefore is likely to be the most specialized kids sail on the market!

The DRIVE.GROM particularly benefits from the sophisticated mix of materials in combination with the iMODULAR.DESIGN and use of lightweight mono-film without compromising durability. Five sizes with individual batten configurations based on the ergonomics and physical power of the youngsters result in high-quality and high-performance equipment so that fun and success of the kids are guaranteed right from the beginning.

Additionally within the EPX program we have developed special mast and boom components to perfectly match the DRIVE.GROM! This means the DRIVE.GROM is also available as a complete rig!

2017Color Combinations

Drive_Grom C01

C01: Snow.White – Ferrari.Red
ART.No. 14400-1208

Drive_Grom C02

C02: Snow.White – New.Orleans.Blue
ART.No. 14400-1208


Perfect trim and huge wind range!

Forget the time-consuming search for the ideal harness line position, the numb forearms, and the endless fiddling around! The patented print on the sail shows exactly where the center of the harness line has to be. Just position the two ends symmetrically at the left and right of the print, that‘s all.

Say goodbye to misplaced harness lines!

Forget the time-consuming search for the ideal harness line position, the numb forearms, and the endless fiddling around! The patented print on the sail shows exactly where the center of the harness line has to be. Just position the two ends symmetrically at the left and right of the print, that‘s all.

Quality guaranteed – No other brand offers something similar

Short-term thinking minimum weight is great. But over-reducing necessary reinforcements automatically reduces the longevity. NorthSails is famous for the perfect ratio weight to durability. To prove the superior durability and quality, we grant a unique 2+3.YEAR.WARRANTY on all our sails (does not include monofilm)! To secure the extended warranty claims please immediately register under Otherwise just the legal warranty period can be granted!

Twice as durable, half the stretch

NorthSails stands for unsurpassed quality that guarantees a longer life for our sails. The triple zig-zag seams significantly contribute to this. And they don‘t come, as usual, in a single, but in a double version! They cover all exposed crash areas that would otherwise be damaged. The result is higher resistance to tear and a reduction of stretch by up to 50% as a result of the second seam, also benefiting profile stability and performance. Only the DOUBLE.SEAM.TECHNOLOGY by NorthSails can deliver this!

No stretch, no tension loss

What has been proven in safety belts is just good enough for us windsurfers! As the only manufacturer we use Polyester webbing at the (vario) top, the tack roller and the batten tensioner attachment-loops. The advantage over conventional Polypropylene is the almost non-existing stretch. Even brand new sails now keep the full downhaul tension and need not be re-tensioned. The same is true for the batten tensioner. A small detail with a great effect!

Lighter, more aerodynamic, extremely durable

With 50% less weight than its predecessor, the iROCKET is our lightest batten tensioner ever! Despite the significantly lower dimensions there is no loss in durability or adjustability. Stretch-free, abrasion resistant Polyester webbing results in a rock-solid fixation of the iROCKET!

Extremely stable, extremely unbreakable

There is no higher load on the equipment as you get during Wave riding or Freestyle. Brute forces when getting washed or heavy wipe-outs can quickly spoil the fun. For this reason, from now on all wave and freestyle sails (except IDOL_LTD) are equipped with brand new, extremely durable epoxy battens that can really survive anything. Some more evidence of the famous NorthSails longevity.

Improved sail control at higher wind speeds

Kai Hopf relied on the WARP to design the TT.TOP. The concave shape is slightly reduced, which improves tension and allows for a more effective, three-dimensional top twist. This means the top twists not only horizontally, but also vertically under strong winds. By virtually neutralizing gusts, the rig’s kept steady in the rider‘s hands, and works in a much larger range of winds.

Beautiful, no weak-spot

Some brands use exotic and expensive thread materials, like Kevlar or Spectra for their X.Ply laminates. At first view this sounds great as these materials have approx. half the stretch than the Polyester threads we use.

On the other hand it’s important to know that the monofilm around the threads is also made of Polyester. This leads to a very uneven construction. Rather than having a certain give/elasticity to “buffer” load peaks without breaking, the non-stretch Kevlar/Spectra threads rip the film from the inside out.

With a Polyester-film + Polyester-thread construction we avoid the film becoming a weak spot as all materials have the same elongation.

No more friction when threading the mast into the mast pocket

A brilliant trick makes inserting the mast a breeze. The NorthSails logo above the boom cutout opens the mast pocket just a little, allowing the rider to insert the mast with just one hand, without having to move up the luff.