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The NorthSails WORLD CUP SLALOM sail WarpF2018 is out now!

Warp F2018

World Cup Slalom

Pierre Mortefon “All Warp F2018 sizes are based on the legendary 2016 9.0LW design which is still perceived as the reference among all PWA riders.”
It took more than three years to develop the new shaping- and the design concept on which the WARP F2018 is based. Far more complex than previous designs, it incorporates divers influences on the rig into the panel layout. The result is overwhelming: using the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN the new WARP F2018 generates enormous acceleration and power out of the jibe and after the start.
Unlike other “powerhouse” slalom sails out there the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN guarantees that this extra power is achieved without the sail becoming extremely physical to sail! This means that there isn’t a sudden power explosion for the rider to handle but rather a continuous, very harmonious power delivery. This relieves the rider, giving them power reserves for the entire race and freedom in order to fully concentrate on race tactics.