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The NorthSails PERFORMANCE SWITCH.CAM & SMALLER-FRAME RIDERS range 2018 is out now!

Our brand new PERFORMANCE SWITCH.CAM sail S.Type SL 2018 and the first sail fully dedicated for smaller-fram riders NOW 2018 is out now.

S.Type SL


The S_TYPE SL has won numerous world-wide magazine tests over the years and received first-class honors in their categories. Therefore Kai Hopf has thrown everything into the mix, resulting in even more performance without having a negative effect on the handling. The decisive factor is the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN that he translated directly from the WARP F2018 into the S_TYPE SL. The outcome is a deeper profile with reduced loose leech and reduced luff curve which all leads to a superior low end acceleration. Thanks to reinforcements around the leading edge, the known draft stability and the broad wind range could be retained. The result is a highly sporty and competitive slalom sail that thirsts for speed, yet is easy to tame.

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The idea is simple, the implementation is unique! Due to the body stature, forces and leverage smaller frame rider (up to 160 cm) are often unable to cope with regular sails. At the same time, they often have a higher level than many others and are searching for a proper sail tailored for smaller frame riders. Especially for this target group, we have developed the brandnew NOW. A very light, powerful and high-quality performance sail, based on the current SUPER HERO, but adapted in
many respects to the ergonomics and physical conditions of smaller people.

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