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The NorthSails All.In.One Wave & Freestyle Range 2018

Super Hero and Idol LTD out now

Our brand new All.In.One wave sail SuperHero 2018 and our Ultralight Freestyle Comp Sail Idol LTD 2018 is out now.

From carving the faces of waves to flying high, the radical and creative define this group. Here you can find three genuine hardcore sails hitting wave and freestylers straight through their heart. Your style is crucial!

Super Hero / Super Hero HD

The consistent evolution of the legendary HERO makes the SUPER HERO the ultimate World Cup wave sail with an extremely wide range of use. On the one hand, it captivates with a manageable top performance, even in nuking spots such as the Canaries or South Africa, remaining perfectly controllable even in fully overpowered jumping conditions. On the other hand, it offers powerful acceleration at the lower wind limit, as you need for down the line riding on Maui or Mauritius.

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Idol LTD

Light, lighter and as radical as possible! The IDOL LTD is the personal pro model of freestyle record world champion Gollito Estredo. For this freestyle genius Kai Hopf has fulfilled all his wishes and created the most sophisticated, extreme freestyle production sail that we have ever built.

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