Ram F12

Ram F12

Racing - Slalom

The latest RAM F12 is like the tough little brother of the World Cup WARP F2011! Even stronger, and with a special and user-friendly character it matches around 90% performance of the fastest WARP we’ve ever built. During its further development for 2012 two aspects were paramount: Improved handling and performance optimization through the entire range of use.

7 battens, a narrower mast sleeve and the reduced weight make the RAM F12 far less physical to handle than the WARP F2011. The brand-new INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT supports this concept decisively. Instead of just using one kind of shaping for the complete sail (sail body and mast sleeve), for the first time Kai’s worked with 2 separate 3-D profiles for the sail body and mast sleeve. The wind range has improved drastically by an impressive 25%.

Additionally the all-new TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lends further positive range of use. The secret of the TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lies with horizontally placed clew eyelets. The outer clew position provides more power and direct feeling, while the inner position lends superior control and a softer sensation.

The TT.TOP, super stiff BOX.BATTEN and the wide and conical AERO.SLEEVE mast sleeve design features, lead the new RAM F11 to breathtaking top end speeds for both GPS and competition pilots. A missile of this caliber has never been so easy to use and is the secret to it’s success.



> 01 New: iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector

> 02 New: increased power through increased pre-shaping in the boom and foot area

> 03 Lower aspect ratio makes for increased acceleration after start and jibing

> 04 INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT improves rotation, control and acceleration

> 05 TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use

> 06 HYPER.CAM - the first hard camber that rotates like a soft cam

> 5 Year Warranty: register here

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