The lightest and most exclusive boom on earth





Admit it, you want it: Here comes the logical continuation of what we have already demonstrated with the PLATINUM AERO mast. PLATINUM AERO is the lightest boom in the world and the ultimate in technology, weight and processing.


However the incredibly elaborate production allows just an extremely limited number (first come first serve). Due to the highest quality of materials and unique production process it’s a fabulous 400g lighter than the already very light PLATINUM counterpart. Despite the "anorexia" the PLATINUM AERO convinces with sensational stiffness, ultra direct feel, application-specific features and bending curves that make it a "must have" for high-end riders. Aside from the fact that the AERO version is only available in two lengths (140-190 / 190-250), it has all the features of the regular PLATINUM (see below). A warning though that we need to express; high-end technology has its price, so don’t be shocked.






NEW-SCHOOL  140 - 190  

RACING  190 - 250


Key Features

> 01  The lightest and most exclusive boom in the world

> 02  Material: 100% pre-preg carbon T900 Quality with PROTECTION.GRIP 

> 03  Front-end: iFRONT 2.0  

> 04  Tail-end 140 cm: INSIDE.GRIPPED.TAIL with iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING

> 05  Tail-end 190 cm: OUTSIDE.TAIL with iTAIL.RACE.FITTING


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