Ultralight Freestyle-Wave

Totally new, totally radical and built with the greatest addiction: ID ultralight - the signature model of Victor Fernandez Lopez, Wave World Champion 2010! As the name suggests the ID is a mix between ICE and Duke, which combines the best of both worlds (up to 5.0 based on the ICE design, 5.4 and bigger based on the DUKE design). The result is a super lightweight Freestyle Wave sailing range, which uses the futuristic high-tech laminate “ODL” from yacht sails instead of traditional XPly. This material is 50% lighter than conventional sail cloth and pushes the weight to incredibly low values. To clarify: The weight of the ID ultralight corresponds to a 1.5 smaller DUKE/ICE (e.g. 5.0 compares to 3.5)!

Instantly the ID ultralight is the talk on the beach. It feels absolutely neutral, does not show any unwanted life of its own and is a feather in your hands so that you nearly forget about the sail during moves and manoeuvres. This is one of the most important aspects especially of freestyle! It spins incredibly fast through all tricks even during the most difficult duck moves and feels as if you rotate without sail. With the ID ultralight the success rate of difficult manoeuvres and the fun increases straight away making you automatically go for even more radical moves!

Designer Kai Hopf has compiled the ID ultralight without any compromise. Compared to ICE and DUKE the ID feels a bit softer and adapts to any rotation almost automatically. Not only that maneuvers are becoming much easier but also get performed with more speed. This is due to the sophisticated profile distribution. And all of this over a wide wind range as the ID ultralight has a surprisingly large trimming range.

Two important points:
1. All ID ultralight are designed for RDM masts, yet fully compatible with our SDM masts.
2. Even if other brands do not speak about it, we tell the truth: ultra light-weight can only be achieved through the reduction of material thickness. Since the film thickness of the ODL laminate is reduced to the absolute minimum, the UV stability is limited. Therefore, this sail is excluded from the usual NorthSails 5.year.warranty!



> 01 NEW: Ultra-light for maximum handling thanks to the trend setting high tech yachting laminate "ODL"

> 02 NEW: iROCKET, NorthSails lightest batten tensioner of all time

> 03 NEW: Super lightweight multi-layer sandwich clew patch

> 04 
Only two masts cover all sail sizes

> 05 
 Ideal on RDM masts - still fully compatible on our SDM masts

> 5 Year Warranty: register here




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