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On the brand new ICE Kai Hopf dug deep into his bag of tricks. At first glance, perhaps you just realise the new design and the more compact appearance - the 2012 edition of our World Cup wave sail has made a big step forward to get the maximum out of any situation and take the victory - even in the most critical conditions!

Numerous changes are hidden in detail. E.g. the shorter luff has a very positive effect. Everything feels more compact and at the same time more neutral making the ICE easier than ever to handle. The handling has improved significantly, without loosing any planing power of its predecessor thanks to a modified luff curve and optimised profile distribution. It is unbelievable how just a few centimetres can make such a change!
In addition, key success factors were obtained for the ICE. E.g. the unique base geometry, which will lower the center of gravity making the sail neutral. Or the impressive performance over a very wide wind range and the instantaneous reaction. This is the result of the iMODULAR.DESIGN.

Also: The sail weight is decreased by 10%! Working best on single-fin boards, the ICE was designed for all World Cup spots. It functions equally well from Ho’okipa to Sylt, to Gran Canaria or at your favourite spot. All ICE sizes were designed for RDM masts, but are still compatible with our SDM masts. That’s why the new ICE feels softer and can be easily controlled and pumped onto the plane. These abilities are also supported by the modified luff curve and the optimised leech tension.

Ultimate durability in the most brutal of conditions: The Ice is also available in monofilm-free, hardcore X.PLY version!



> 01 New: reduced luff length and approx. 10% reduced sail weight makes the sail feel a lot lighter in your hands

> 02 New: iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector

> 03 TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use

> 04 Designed to work best on RDM masts but still fully compatible with our SDM masts

> 05 MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (400-19) fits all sizes

> 5 Year Warranty: register here



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