Crossover - Entry

You are hooked by the windsurfing bug? You can’t wait to get back on the board to have fun and improve your skills? Especially for ambitious surfers Kai Hopf has developed the brand new featherweight CURVE. Looking at this Crossover sail one can imagine how easy it is to control during manoeuvres and light it feels in your hands.

The all new VTS.PLUS trim indicators (FAST.RIGGING.INDICATION) which makes all CURVE with fix-top even easier and faster to rig. Thanks to precise specifications of the mast- and boom lengths the down-and outhaul are simply pulled as far as it goes, done! Of course, the traditional VTS trimming dots are also available to allow all specialists more flexibility for maximum performance.

The secret is the extremely weight-optimised and clean construction that focuses on the essentials, without compromising the durability. The result is an unparalleled handling,
which immediately makes especially intermediates jump up one class.

The balanced shape and very low weight are specially tailored to the group of novices and intermediates. The new CURVE accelerated the move to the next skill level and ideally supports learning new manoeuvres.



> 01 Maximum weight reduction through iMODULAR.DESIGN

> 02 VTS and HTS: NorthSails patented visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake

> 03 One mast (430-21) fits for all sail sizes

> 2 Year Warranty. Get additional 3 year Warranty: register here



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