Windsurfing Camp FBC Tobago

The last Fanatic Windsurfing Camp of 2012 is BOOKING NOW!! The windsurfing camps from Fanatic the Boarders Center with Tom Brendt & Yoli De Brendt have grown and grown, with 2012 topping all expectations! There is no better place to finish the amazing tour of the FBC centers than at FBC TOBAGO – the spot is ideal for learning, training and improving windsurfing. Flat water on the inside, small chops on the outside, with wind blowing side shore from the right, shallow standing areas, warm temperatures and pure white tropical sand under your feet. It’s a windsurfers dream and a perfect spot for beginners and intermediates. The center is a few steps from the waters edge and located on a pure white sandy beach in a beautiful heritage park. Check the full info and booking HERE ( … and see you in paradise!

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