WARP F2013 - training and testing with Marco Lang

NorthSails team rider Marco Lang is currently training and testing the new WARP F2013 in Croatia. His statement:

"I spent some days in the Adriatic sea to the test the new Warp F2013. Loving to be back on the water with the new salom stuff after one month without slalom sailing.

After few minutes i was super stoked, because the 8,6 felt simaler to the 7,8 from last year, which was an incredible slalom sail! The sail sail is super balanced, whether in strong or light condtions. In the light conditions  the 8,6 felt better than the old one. The sail is softer, therefore much better to pump and to get planing after the jibes! If you are powerd up, the sail stays really stable and you have good control as in the last years. I am super happy with the new WARP F2013, and I can´t wait to race with them!!

Cheers, Marco"

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