WARP Testing Tenerife

Team rider Matteo Iachino (ITA-140) and Marco Lang (AUT-66) are currently training and testing the new WARP's on Tenerife:

Marco: "I am  now almost 2 weeks here on tenerife to prepare and test for the upcoming season
We had the opportunity to test almost all sizes!  So far I am  really happy with the new sails as they have  improved a lot in early planning and acceleration.
I can´t wait to do the first races with them!!"

Matteo: "As soon as you try the new warp f2014 you can feel how much lighter they are. They are super light in your hands and are going super fast out of the jibes - even in super light winds.
For sure in the new WARP F2014 have improved the acceleration out of the jibes a lot and the sails are less stiff in your hands and breathing a lot more when a gust hits you."

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