Testing the new WARP.F2012

NorthSails Team Rider Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88) reports from his training session on the brand new WARP.F2012

"After one windy month on Teneriffe, having tested the WARP's 6.3 to 8.6 I got one final conclusion: Never been that fast! Acceleration and rotation of the sail seem unreal this year. The extreme easy handling enables you to fully concentrate on the race.

Now I was eager to finally try what Gonzalo (Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG-3) claims to be the best race sail ever: The WARP 9.4. Immediately I noticed the incredible and never ending acceleration. The sail easily  passes any low wind areas and the handling on jibes was almost too easy for a sail of that size.

After all Gonzalo was right: Kai Hopf's WARP.F2012 sail design represents a massive step forward. Especially the bigger sizes' performance is beyond imagination."


Follow this link for further details on the WARP.F2012


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