Spanish Formula Championship 2012

NorthSails Spanish Formula Team Rider Fernanda Martínez del Cerro Delgado (ESP-71), managed to win the Bay of Cadiz event just in front of his team colleague Alejandor Alcazar (ESP-0).

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Full report by Fernando Martínez:



6th t0 8th of September, Bay of Cadiz, launching from the Andalucian Federation´s new training center at Puerto Sherry.

First day the wind was blowing from the east; locally call “levante”, with constant 25-30 knots and gust of 30+.
Many racers decided to stay in land, like top Sailor Miguel Martinho, said it was way too strong. But still half of the fleet went out.

I was on North Warp 10,0 2012, while my test partner Alejandro Alcazar, decided to go with North Warp 9,3.
From the Start I felt super fast, reaching the upwind mark far from the second, Marcos Iglesias on Gaastra Vapor 10,0 2012.

In the downwind it was not that easy, but I manage to win the race. Victor Depoorter was 2nd and Marcos was 3rd. Alejandro was not so happy on the slalom sail but he managed to finish 4th place.

Second Day the wind was much lighter - I was still able to finish 2nd.

The third day, the wind was light again.

The last day the forecast was lighter, but luckily forecast are not always right.
We started with a good 9 to 11 knots race.

I got in front of him and finished in front.
Martinho was 2nd and Alejandro Alcazar was clearly 3rd.

At the end I was first with four 1st places and two 2nd, POR-5 was second, and Alejandro Alcazar was 3rd at the race and 2nd at the Spanish Podium.
Very good competition with in total 3 days racing out of 4.

One in over 30 knots, one in 5 to10 knots and he last one in 9 to 15 knots."

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