Gonzalo Slalom World Champion 2012

Congratulations to NorthSails team rider Gonzal Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) for winning the 2012 IFCA Slalom World Championship.

"...I am very happy to take the victory in Paros and to become a Slalom World Champion in '12!! Off course it was a very different event as we were racing with rules there, 2 boards 4 sails only, and less top guys...more a "mano a mano" race type.
My speed was very good on both the gusty offshore middle winds on the first days and on the onshore sweelly lighter of the last days. Both the 113 and 140 covered the range of winds perfectly, plus my 6.3 to 8.6 Warps did the work perfectly.
It gives me a shot of confidence for the following two events i will do the next two weekends: Austrian Nationals and Sylt PWA..."

Well done!


Pictures: Kay Fotografos

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