Buenos Aires - River Surfing

Testing the WARP F2012

NorthSails Teamrider Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) sailing the new WARP F2012 on Rio de la PLata, Buenos Aires and proves right our R&D Team: little changes, strong effect!

"...loving the summer and the windy afternoons here in the river back home in Buenos Aires. Most of all, loving to be on the water with my new sails and boards, and tunning with my friends..."

..states Gonzalo as he blasts down the river on the 9,4 WARP F2012 and a FALCON 140.

"So far i am really surprised on the performance of the 9.4. The sail has unreal belly and is super balanced, the low end was improved a lot without compromising the high end. Still the 7.8 is to me the best sail, it has a huge range and very good speed on both ends of the range. I just love this size, it goes great on my 113 Falcon. in general I think that the improvements are considerable. The feel is very compact, stable and balanced. The rotation is unreal this year."

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