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Adam Lewis just recently joined Team NorthSails International. He has written a few a words as to his plans for this season, why he decided to switch to NorthSails and what he loves about his new gear:

"So its been a really windy start to the year for me. I’ve been in the UK for January, it just seemed too windy and wavy to go anywhere else. Its so nice after traveling around the world to be able to sail in the spots that you grew up sailing in. We are so lucky to travel to such amazing places but tearing it up with your mates is part of what got me hooked from the start. It was special this year as I also received a pretty epic delivery of all my new North Sails. I’ve had the gear for nearly 2 months now and Im really getting to grips with it. I know its really cliche but I’m absolutely loving it! I’ve been using the HERO with AERO masts and the new PLATINUM wave boom. Having ripped the boxes open with excitement when the gear arrived the first thing that struck me was the finish of the whole rig, every little piece right from the sail to the iBASE even to the ends of the boom is made to such a high quality. The new wave boom is so so sick and If you haven’t tried an North Aero mast yet, you really should!  Loving the Hero too, so yeah I guess you could say Im getting on pretty good with the new stuff ;)

Right now I’m in Tenerife, its such a good place to get set up for the year. I have a really good trainer over here and its good to tune the gear. Tenerife seems to get a good mix between wave riding and jumping so its a good training base for the whole year of competitions. The wind has been a bit funky so far so its been a case of driving around the island to find some new spots which can be really fun. There are so many spots around here and because its windy on your door step you don’t even think about driving to sail other places. But sometimes with a little extra effort you get the reward.

I’m planning to be in Tenerife for the next few weeks, until the middle of March and then Im heading of to Maui. Its my first time so Im really excited, I can’t wait!!!
Bring it on!”

Have a good one!

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