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  • The lightest and most exclusive boom on earth
  • Carbon: Prepreg 100%
  • Carbon-quality: T900
  • Resin-quality: SENTEX TM
  • Front-end: iFRONT 2.0
  • Tail-end 190: OUTSIDE.TAIL with iTAIL.RACE.FITTING


  • Wave-Freestyle
  • 140-190
  • Slalom/Race
  • 190-250

Platinum Aero 2.0 SeriesTech Specs

Length (cm) 140 – 190 190 – 250
Bend Curve New School Slalom
Weight (kg) 1,95 2,70
Diameter (mm) 27,5 30
Material 100% T900-Carbon
+ SENTEX TM resin
100% T900-Carbon
+ SENTEX TM resin
Incl. Adapter RDM SDM


Platinum Aero 140-190

ART.No. 14600-1406

Platinum Aero 190-250

ART.No. 14600-1406

Platinum Aero 2.0 SeriesDetails

Admit it, you want it: Here comes the logical continuation of what we have already demonstrated with the PLATINUM AERO mast. PLATINUM AERO is the lightest boom on earth and the ultimate in technology, weight and processing.
However the incredibly elaborate production allows just an extremely limited number (first come first serve). Due to the highest quality of materials and unique production process it’s a fabulous 400g lighter than the already super light PLATINUM boom counterpart.

Despite the “anorexia” the PLATINUM AERO convinces with sensational stiffness, ultra direct feel, application-specific features and bending curves that make it a “must have” for high-end riders. Aside from the fact that the AERO version is only available in two lengths (140-190 | 190-250), it has all the features of the regular PLATINUM (see below). A warning though that we need to express: highest-end technology has its price, so don’t be shocked.

Boom Features

The lightest front-end on earth!

The technical masterpiece which makes all NorthSails booms even more functional: iFRONT 2.0 the latest front-end of the next generation.

It doesn’t just look slimmer and smoother, the iFRONT 2.0 is also a whopping 35% lighter than its predecessor! With 345 grams it is the lightest front-end on the market!

90% of all other booms on the market are equipped with the same front-end from China, which usually differs only in color or design details. Especially in major components we at NorthSails are investing heavily in research and development to be far ahead of the competition. A prime example of this is the completely redesigned and absolutely unique iFRONT 2.0 front-end; it combines maximum ease of use with highest functionality, lowest weight and guaranteed durability.
For the first time the construction of the iFRONT 2.0 combines the advantages of both concepts in one front-end:

A Vertical stiffness: Unlike other front-ends we use 50% longer stainless steel axle-bolts which are directly connected to the side walls. Thus we obtain a maximum vertical/torsion stiffness, which results in an extremely direct connection/transmission of boom to mast (= maximum performance).

B Horizontal flexibility: The partially recessed center of the collar gives the iFRONT 2.0 a kind of hinge function, so that the collar fits to any mast diameter without any gap (= very smooth on the mast and extremely slip resistant). We know of no other front-end that fits so smoothly around the mast and thus effectively protects the mast.

This exceptional fit is guaranteed on SDM as well as RDM masts as the iFRONT 2.0 can easily be adapted through the exchange of 2 different friction pads.

It is an open secret that different conditions require front-ends with different vertical/torsional stiffness so that the rig can develop its maximum potential yet the comfort doesn’t suffer. For this reason, we deliver the new iFRONT 2.0 in two different stiffness options that are tailored to the individual disciplines and requirements:

  • Stiffness I with 15% vertical flexibility has a very low flex for direct power transmission yet maximum control and comes with all RED, SILVER, as well as GOLD and PLATINUM (up to 170) booms.
  • Stiffness III with 0% vertical flexibility for uncompromizing torsion-stiffness and maximum performance on large sails comes with all GOLD and PLATINUM (190 and up) booms.

Of course, we remain true to our promise of long-term compatibility even with the iFRONT 2.0. Therefore it is 100% retro-compatible with older NorthSails booms that can be upgraded and tuned.

Copy Absatz Strong
Soft Return

More resistant

The high-density EVA grip insert at the outside guarantes maximum abrasion resistance during rigging.

Equal load on both hands and improved handling

Also the short booms now feature a 4 cm wider tail-end moving your back-hand further away from the sail. For the first time now your back- and front-hand are equally angled making sailing less fatigue. You immediately realize this much more relaxed sailing position no matter if going in a straight line or down the line on a wave. The second advantage is a much improved handling during ducking maneuvers.

Minimum weight and unmatched features

Especially on carbon booms most brands integrate the fittings into the tail-end to generate a clean look. We prefer external fittings to achieve 3 crucial advantages:

  1. Much lower weight
  2. Features and functions which no other brand can offer (see iTAIL.RACE.FITTING and iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING)
  3. If need be super easy to exchange

Rigging without threading – even when using an adjustable outhaul-system

The ultimate highlight is the all new iTAIL.RACE fitting. The teflon-POM synthetics build rollers feature a minimum of friction. Additionally, this unique solution allows to loop the rope even when using an adjustable outhaul-kit!

Frictionless alignment plus excess rope storage

The iTAIL.WAVE fitting offers 2 revolutionary details:

A The patented LOOP.LOOP.GO 2.0 function guarantees an ideal 100% frictionless alignment of the rope!

B Instead of tying the excess rope around the tube you just wrap it around the integrated “bridge” at the bottom side – the cleanest and fastest solution ever!

For 20% increased stiffness of the boom

All PLATINUM RACE SERIES 190 and 240 booms feature the individual OUTSIDE.TAIL-END with an increased diameter. The high cross-section makes the boom 20% stiffer.

The ultimate tail-end grip

The EVA-gripped tail-end guarantees anti-slip. A reduced diameter of the inside tail-end additionally increases grip-comfort up to a maximum.