Alessio Stillrich


Sailnumber E95
Birthplace Las Palmas/ Gran Canaria
Currently living in San Agustin/Gran Canaria
Current car My mother’s Fiat Punto
Started Windsurfing in 2004
People you like to sail with José, Omar, Eleazar
Favourite spot Pozo
Favourite food Pizza
Favourite magazine SURF
Hobbies Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding
Favourite music Pop, Funk…
Results - 1st Spanish Championship 2010 Juniors Tenerife
- 1st PWA World Championship 2009 Juniors
- 1st Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors
- 1st Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors Tenerife
- 1st Festival de Vargas 2009 Pro-Adults
- 2nd Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors Pozo
- 7th Spanish Championship 2009 Men Tenerife
- 9th Spanish Championship 2009 Men Pozo
- 2nd PWA Pozo Juniors 2008
- 1st Vargas Windsurf Festival 2008
- 3rd Spanish Wave Champs Juniors 2008
- 3rd Canarian Waveriders Juniors 2007
- 1st Canarian Waveriders Juniors 2006
Why North Sails
Because I like the sails!!
What do you want to be remembered for
For my humour!