Rob Warwick

US 345

Nickname Berta
Sailnumber US 345
DOB ahhh...the 80's
Birthplace Bay Area California
Currently living in The Gorge, Hood River, OR
Current car My good old Chevy Astro. There's alyways room for some toys and freinds
Started Windsurfing in Berkeley, Marina...turn of the century
People you like to sail with Nick, Ty, Whittney, WhyWhy, B, C and anyone who seems to be having too much fun. Now get off my wave!
Favourite spot Too manay to list, anywhere wind, water, waves and women meet
Favourite food Living on the west coast... Good Mexican
Favourite magazine Windsport
Hobbies Filling out survey's? Snowboarding rules my life in the winter when I'm sick of my drysuit. Golf, and feeding my inner fat kid
Pets Here Kitty Kitty
Favourite music I like a lot these days but my roots are deep in west coast rap

Why North Sails

They are the most kick ass sails for all conditions. North is always breaking ground, sails that Rock with mad style. I love my North Sails!

What do you want to be remembered for

Having as much fun as possible before I die, and my crashes!

Anything to add...

...remember that windsurfing is fun, so smile, It don't hurt!


Photo Credits: Richard Hallman