Nickname -
Sailnumber ESP-16
Date of Birth 09.06.1989
Birthplace Burriana (Spain)
Currently living in Burriana
Current car Mercedes Vito
Started Windsurfing in 2004
People you like to sail with Everybody who loves windsurfing.
Favourite spot Paracas
Favourite food Meat
Favourite magazine Surf a Vela
Hobbies Surf, Padel Surf, Tow in Freestyle
Pets a dog called Leo
Favourite music Pachanga
Web site
2013 Spanish Slalom Champion
30st PWA Costa Brava 2012
2012 Vice Spanish Champion Slalom
2007 European Champion Formula Windsurf Youth

Why North?

I love the tradition and spirit of North Sails. My first “real” sail was a North Sails Convertigo 5,2 and a lot of years after i’m back to North Sails.


What do you want to be remembered for?

Be a good person, and a passioned of windsurfing.