Ola Johan Erik Jakobsson


Nickname Ödla
Sailnumber S46
DOB 1983-12-26
Birthplace Malmö
Currently living in Lund
Current car Borrowing my mothers BMW
Started Windsurfing in Lomma
People you like to sail with Everyone in the Swedish Northsails team + all other friends.
Favourite spot Habo Ljung, Lomma
Favourite food Pasta
Favourite magazine Kalle Anka
Hobbies Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sleeping, Skateboarding, Climbing, MotoX
Favourite music I listen to everything that gives me a kick before I go out on the water.
Results 2005
Overall Swedish Freestyle pro Tour, 3rd

Overall Swedish Freestyle pro Tour, 2nd

Overall Swedish Freestyle pro Tour, 2nd

Why North Sails
Best performance and best looking sails on the market + I get free NS stickers from my sponsors.

What do you want to be remembered for
The man who cured cancer, solved the energy problem and brought peace on earth. (Or just a nice guy doing nothing else than windsurfing)

Anything to add...
Go hard or go home