Kilian Ducouedic


Nickname -
Sailnumber F-777
Date of Birth 07.05.1974
Birthplace Dinard, France
Currently living in St. Luaire, Brittany, France
Current car Peugeot 406 sw
Started Windsurfing in 1989 at Y.C. St. Luaire
People you like to sail with There is a lot of people i like to sail with but it's really funny with my friends Stephane Lefebvre and Regis Guillard
Favourite spot Topocalma, Pichilemu in Chile La Palue in Brittany
Favourite food Fresh local fish
Favourite magazine Mickey's Journal and ELLE (for the pictures)
Hobbies Surf, scuba diving, travelling
Pets Nico, my dog
Favourite music The song of waes (so poetic...)