Giedrius Liutkus


Nickname Giedrius
Sailnumber LTU11
DOB 1976-10-02
Birthplace Kaunas, Lithuania
Currently living in Kaunas, Lithuania
Current car Toyota Sienna (minivan)
Started Windsurfing in 1990
People you like to sail with Other racers from sailing club, able to join me when the wind is blowing.
Favourite spot Local lakes and Baltic sea.
Favourite food Various kinds of salads, Pancakes, etc.
Favourite magazine No real favourite, still searching for it, but really like more to surf the web.
Hobbies Ice sailing, basketball, swimming
Pets I have two daughters to care about. No pet really needed additionally
Favourite music Depeche Mode
Web site
Results 2008
Lithuanian Cup, Nida, 5th place.
Baltic cup, Lithuania, 20th place.
FW World Grand Prix, Sopot, 39th place.
Baltic cup, Latvia, 24th place.
Baltic cup, Estonia, 17th place.
Lithuanian Championship, Monciskes, 3rd place.
49th in World ranking as of 2008-09-25

VG ICE 1, Elektrenai, 2nd place.
VG ICE 2, Elektrenai, 2nd place.

2nd Opening of Kaunas season (Formula class)
22nd Baltic Cup, Latvia (Formula class).
7th in Lithuanian Championship (Formula class)

5th in Lithuanian Championship (Formula class)
28th Baltic Cup, Latvia (Formula class)

2nd Lithuanian Windsurfing Championship, Nida, Lithuania (Raceboard)

1st Lithuanian Windsurfing Cup, Nida, Lithuania (Raceboard)

1st Latvian Open Championship, Kolka, Latvia (Raceboard)
1st Lithuanian Windsurfing Championship, Nida, Lithuania (Raceboard)

2nd Lithuanian Windsurfing Cup, Nida, Lithuania (IMCO)

2nd Lithuanian Windsurfing Cup, Nida, Lithuania (IMCO)

Why North Sails
I am sailing with North Sails for many years and I think it provides top quality and performance. All (very rare) warranty issues are handled very quickly and with care.

What do you want to be remembered for
Fighting 'till the very end, but without rude climbing over other heads.

Anything to add...
If your dream is very strong, it will come true