Evi Tsape

GR - 2

Nickname Evi
Sailnumber GR - 2
DOB 2nd October, 1981
Birthplace Athens, Greece
Currently living in Athens, Greece
Current car Ford Focus
Started Windsurfing in August 2001
People you like to sail with Joxy, my sister, all my friends. There is nothing like sailing with people that smile on the water, respect and make space for you and with which you can share this empowering and fulfilling experience. I love what I do and I love the people I do it with
Favourite spot Methoni, West Peloponnese (Greece)
Favourite food Fish, salads, chicken, pasta
Favourite magazine Windsurfer international, Continentseven, Boardseeker (online)
Hobbies Windsurfing, cycling, gym, swimming, reading, spending time with my friends, movies
Pets None at the moment. But when I settle down I’d like to have a dog
Favourite music Pretty much everything, depending on my mood and the time of day
Web site http://www.evitsape.com

Why North Sails
The sails feel great in my hands and look very nice too. What more could I ask for? The first time I sailed with my North Ego 2010 I realized that the sail will help me evolve my style in windsurfing

What do you want to be remembered for
Someone who always works very hard to reach the highest possible level in everything. I like to put heart and soul in what I am doing.