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The NorthSails FREEWAVE sail 2018 is out now!

Super Session


Freewave, Bump & Jump have everything that makes windsurfing so fascinating. This also explains why so many boards are sold in this category. The SUPER SESSION is the perfect sail for covering the wide range from flat water to wave. A power wave engine that combines great low end potential with speed, handling and excellent control. Fast blows, casual jumps and full-throttle turns flow seamlessly together and make you push harder and harder – like an endless SUPER SESSION. The 5-batten layout results in an outstandingly balanced design focussing on acceleration, stability and handling. The new SUPER SESSION feels light and crisp thanks to a higher and further forward oriented draft position. The HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH, which is adapted from the SUPER HERO, stabilizes the profile above the boom, preventing leech flattering and allows superior rig control even in overpower conditions. This perfect synthesis of handling, speed and superior control make the SUPER SESSION a sporty bump and jump all-rounder even in gusty conditions. The SUPER SESSION is also available in monofilm-free HD construction. The extremely resistant material mix however has its price, which we want to point out.