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The boom arms and the head are “melted“ together with special aerospace-standard glue. The brand-new iFRONT.WAVE ensures maximum comfort and the easiest handling as its flex and stiffness are perfectly adjusted towards the demands of the target group. 

The 2 short lengths feature an ultra-modern PROGRESSIVE.BENDCURVE and a reduced diameter of 28mm. All other lengths come with a classic bend-curve and 30mm diameter. An additional contribution to safety and superior comfort comes from the DOUBLE.PIN.LOCK system, which firmly locks the boom while preventing the tubes from twisting. Also new is the PROTECTION.GRIP, an extra stiff EVA stripe on the outside of the tubes, which effectively prevents surface damage when rigging. Due to its individual bend-curves the RED series suits almost all type of sails from all brands (RDM adapter not included).

Available January 2014




140 - 190 | 150 - 200

160 - 210 | 180 - 230 


Key Features

> 01  Material: T8 aluminum with PROTECTION.GRIP

> 02  Front-end: iFRONT.CLASSIC

> 03  Tail-end: inside tail-end with standard loop-loop-go fitting


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ART. NO. 14400-1400

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