Less is more, and lighter is impossible.


The AERO PLATINUM is ultimately the lightest 100% carbon mast in the world documenting our leadership position in mast technology. The 2014 series underwent some mega fine-tuning, so that the scale indicates less than 1.5 kg even on the 430 length! 

Whether on flat water or in moderate waves - handling, reflex and reflex speed are at an unprecedented level transforming each rig into an absolute featherweight. Weighing in at only just over a kilo many will question the durability, but this is exactly the most incredible aspect! By processing the revolutionary, ultra lightweight D4.SHIELD we have achieved not only this sensational weight as well as incredible durability values, in concrete 85% of the durability of the regular PLATINUM! An absolutely sensational result, which is why the PLATINUM AERO is not only the lightest, as well as being the most durable mast in its class! This also explains why Freestyle World Record Champion Gollito Estredo and Wave Hero Victor Fernandez exclusively use the PLATINUM AERO even in the toughest conditions!



Mast length (cm) RDM  370 | 400 | 430





Key features

> 01   Carbon: 100%

> 02   Carbon-quality: T800

> 03   Special: D4 Shield (base only)




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