80% high-tech carbon content, high-tech prepreg production and excellent dynamics


This makes the GOLD series the indisputable performance, weight price leader of the entire medium price range segment. Except for the slightly reduced carbon content all models are technically identical to the PLATINUM. 

Therefore the GOLD RDM version can be referred as the lower-priced version of the thin, high performance PLATINUM RDM. The Natural White POLY.SHIELD full coating prevents any scratching or abrasion. The white surface protects the material especially against strong sunlight as it effectively prevents the heating up into the critical area and thermal overload. The fibers are wound with a slightly bigger gap to optimize the grip you get when clamping on the boom. Overall, a top-quality, versatile mast made even more durable and it now comes with an unlimited 2-year warranty!




Mast length (cm) RDM  370 | 400 | 430

Mast length (cm) SDM  400 | 430 | 460 | 490





Key features

> 01   Carbon: 80%

> 02   Carbon-quality: T700

> 03   Outside protection: NATURAL.WHITE.POLYAMIDE



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Otherwise just the legal warranty period can be granted!



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ART. NO. - RDM SERIES 14500-1605

ART. NO. - SDM SERIES 14500-1604



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