Following intensive research and development, the new GOLD combines two different models in one high-end line: The lengths 170 and 190 cm are fully designed for racing and are probably the stiffest aluminum booms on the market. They feature the same OUTSIDE.TAIL with iTAIL.RACE.FITTING as the PLATINUM booms and thus deliver maximum power for any kind of race slalom sail. The lengths 140 and 160 cm, however, are designed 100% for Wave or Wave/Freeride use.


They also feature all essential components of the PLATINUM, in particular the INSIDE.GRIPPED.TAIL with iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING. Of course, all bend-curves were precisely adapted to the respective discipline. The new iFRONT 2.0 boom-head offers a very direct power transition without sacrificing the comfort. All GOLD booms are manufactured with NorthSails unique BONDED.TECHNOLOGY, which “welds” the boom arms together with the front-tube. This exclusive production technology in combination with a material mix of T8 alloy and ALU.TITAN (ALU.TITAN.HYBRID.CONSTRUCTION) has enabled a quantum jump in terms of durability and stiffness. All GOLDS are unchallenged in their class and regarded as the new industry standard within hybrid booms – and all of this with a 2-year unlimited warranty!*






WAVE / FREESTYLE SERIES 140 - 190 | 160 - 22015_new_2015.jpg

RACE SERIES 170 - 210 | 190 - 250


Key Features


> 02  Front-end: New iFRONT 2.0 front-end

> 03  Tail-end 140/160: INSIDE.GRIPPED.TAIL with iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING

> 03  Tail-end 170/190: OUTSIDE.TAIL with iTAIL.RACE.FITTING



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*Grip excluded!



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ART. NO. WAVE SERIES 14500-1407

ART. NO. RACE SERIES 14500-1403

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