Designed 100% for race usage

After intensive research and development we have created the GOLD RS, a high-tech alloy boom which is designed purely for race usage. The GOLD RS is produced with NorthSails unique BONDED.TECHNOLOGY. The boom arms and the head are “melted“ together with special aerospace-standard glue. This exclusive production technology in combination with a material mix of T8 alloy and ALU.TITAN (ALU.TITAN.HYBRID.CONSTRUCTION) has enabled a quantum jump in terms of durability and stiffness. This technology has also been applied to the three-piece tail-end that is produced in the same BONDED.TECHNOLOGY method using the same materials.

The iTAIL.RACE fitting (patent pending) with rollers made of Teflon-POM plastic ensures minimum friction. Absolutely unique: The rope can be looped even when using an outhaul trim system. All models feature a 30mm tube diameter increasing the bending strength. As a result the new GOLD RS boom almost reaches the stiffness of a high-end carbon boom. This is also due to the revolutionary OVERSIZED.OUTSIDE tail-end concept. This means that in comparison to thinner internally placed tail ends, the boom maintains its stiffness even at full extension.

Propelling forces are transferred entirely free from play and directly via the iFRONT head, whereas comfort is individually adjustable via the flex adjustment. GOLD RS – the new industry standard of hybrid booms! New: 2-year unlimited warranty!*




170 - 210 | 190 - 250


Key Features


> 02  Front-end: iFRONT  

> 03  Tail-end: OUTSIDE.TAIL-END with iTAIL.RACE fitting



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*Grip excluded!



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