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Windsurfing is pure fascination. Once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked forever. Avoiding boundaries when entering and progressing into the most beautiful sport in the world, we have brought the EPX program into life. Featuring rock solid rig components, developed, designed and tested in cooperation with the VDWS – the worlds largest windsurfing school organization. Most proven, mature and reliable technology.


A modern epoxy mast in a trendy RDM-design. Dynamic, solid and easy to hold on to during maneuvers due to the small diameter. Six lengths from 230-430 cm cover all essential sail sizes (including even kid sails down to 1.0). Thanks to the standard diameter mast compatible with all RDM extensions. The EPX RDM works with almost all sails no matter which brand. Now also available as a SDM-version with 25% carbon content.


Model RDM 230 RDM 290 RDM 340 RDM 370 RDM 400 RDM 430 SDM 430 SDM 460
Weight (kg) 1.10 1.40 1.70 2.00 2.30 2.70 2.55 2.80
Carbon (%) 0 0 0 0 0 0 25 25


The first children and junior mast that grows with you! With only three exchangeable aluminum parts you can generate a total of 5 mast lengths: 200 cm, 260 & 290 cm as well as 300 & 330 cm. The universal bend-curve and the balanced flex fit perfectly to all kid and grom sails, especially to the DRIVE.GROM line. An additional advantage is the 32 mm base diameter, which now allows the use of any standard RDM extension. Please note the maximum body weight of 50 kg!


Model AL.200 + AL.Top I + AL.Top II
Length (cm) 200 260 / 290 300 / 330
Weight (kg) 0,85 1,15 1,30
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum



Specifically tailored towards children and young guns with reduced tubediameter, so that also small hands have a secure grip. Front- and tail-end as well as the length adjustment are super easy to operate. Also on the GROM model the universal curve fits almost all sail types and brands. Two lengths cover the use of a broad range of sail sizes.


This aluminum boom comes with an universal curve for a very wide range of use. The proven, easy-to-use front-end fixes the EPX boom onto the mast avoiding slippage. The classical adjustment system allows a super fast length-adjustment. Two basic lengths cover all main sail sizes.


Model EPX.Grom EPX.Grom EPX EPX
Length (cm) XXS (90 – 120) XS (125 – 165) S (140 – 185) M (160 – 210)
Weight (kg) 1,50 1,80 2,40 2,60
Boom Diameter (mm) 25 25 29 29


Suitable for all EPX masts we offer this solid 36 cm RDM extension. Its proven pin adjustment system allows a reliable and secure length adjustment. Thanks to RAPID.RELEASE the sail-tension can be instantly released. Due to the modified position of the standard cleat, just place one foot on the extension and pull the rope with a short jerk out of the standard cleat – done.


Model EPX.XT RDM 36
Length (cm) 36
Weight (g) 800



Worldwide the most used mast base in surf centers with original Power Joint completes the EPX program. Including a maximum of security, tool-less mounting and easy adjustment.


The authentic, a-million-times-approved Heavy Duty Tendon. Including tool-less operation and adjustment in seconds!


Functional base cup with 3 rollers that fits directly into each RDM mast.