Boom Technology

iFRONT – the fastest and most comfortable NORTH SAILS boom front piece with unique trimming and tuning opportunities.


Individual flex adjustment. In recent years, the challenge has been to develop a head that unites both characteristics without having to accept any compromises. After three years of intensive development work, we’ve reached that goal! The brand-new iFRONT head is the first to offer an adjustment and tuning option that changes the overall characteristics of the boom, allowing for ideal adjustment to all conditions. This is made possible by the individually adjustable FLEX.CONTROLLER in three levels (patent pending).

The knowledge acquired by our development team helped it devise the following easily understandable formulas, , based on 75 kg riders. Varying for individual preferences:

Maximum rigidity, especially on a calm water surface and with big sails with long booms, since the length of the tube already provides for sufficient shock absorption.
At least as stiff as the stiffest competitor front-ends.

Sail sizes from 10 m² Optimal: no damping

FLEX.CONTROLLER Medium Suspension:
Medium Flex

Sail sizes from 7 m² – 10 m² Optimal: medium damping

FLEX.CONTROLLER Full Suspension:
Clearly defined, vertical flexibility, especially for Wave booms or for days with choppy, uneasy waters for more comfort, better rig control, higher speeds, and good shock absorption after high jumps
Similar flex as the Pro.Gression predecessor front-end.

All wave conditions and sails below 7 m² Optimal: strong damping

Designed and engineered by North Sails in Germany