Zane Schweitzer


Nickname Zaniac
Sailnumber USA52
DOB 15. September 1993
Birthplace Maui, Hawaii
Currently living in Maui, Hawaii
Current car I wish I had a car! I'm only 13, but I have a dirtbike and a golf cart to cruise around in. Otherwise I am in my mom's Lexus or our windsurf van.
Started Windsurfing in 2003
People you like to sail with My best friends are Conner Baxter, Baker Grant, Kai Lenny, and Kalani Hunt. But I like to sail with my mom and dad and sister Shelby too. And Mark Angulo has been really helping me out a lot too.
Favourite spot Hookipa, Outer Sprecks, and Kanaha on Maui. I really like the Canary Islands too because their is always wind...
Favourite food Fresh Fish that my Dad and I catch on our boat and fresh fruit from our orchard.
Favourite magazine Windsurfing Magazine off course, and Surfing Mag, and sometimes even National Geographic
Hobbies Windsurfing, Surfing, Dirtbiking, Skateboarding, Snowboarding. If it is fun, then I like to do it!
Pets 2 crazy dogs: Rasta and Kaya and 1 cat (my sister's) named Princess
Favourite music Any music, my Ipod has everything from Alternative to Reggae, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, Rock, Rap... If it sounds good, I listen to it.
Results 2nd Place 2006 National Championships Long Distance
2nd Place 2006 Maui Speed Challenge #4
3rd Place 2006 Nationals Slalom Div.
3rd Place 2006 Calema Mid Winters
5th Place 2006 Aloha Classic Super Session Open Division
3rd Place 2005 & 2006 Overall Maui Speed Challenge
5th Place 2005 & 2006 Aloha Classic Junior Division
5th Place 2005 & 2006 Aloha Classic Menehune Division
1st Place 2005 Maui Race Series State Champion Sport Div.
Why North Sails
The sails are great, and the team is the best. I want to be able to travel all over the place with my best friend, Connor. And I want to be able to get as much coaching from the other North Sails pros like Jimmy, Nik, Daida as I can.
What do you want to be remembered for
As world champion!!! I want to make windsurfing as big as when my Dad was world champion and when my Grandfather first started getting windsurfing really popular all over the world.
Anything to add...
I look forward to seeing you all at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, windsurfing together and having a blast. If there's no wind, then we'll surf, or stand up paddle.