Mikey Clancy


Nickname -
Sailnumber IR253
Date of Birth 14/05/90
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Currently living in Dublin, Ireland
Current car  
Started Windsurfing in 2004
People you like to sail with Love sailing with anyone who's as stoked as me when getting some waves
Favourite spot Magheroarty, NW Ireland
Favourite food Pasta, Shepard's Pie, Stew
Favourite magazine Windsurf International and Windsurf
Hobbies Photography, Video Editing, SUP, Cycling
Pets 2 Dogs: Ozzy and Bonnie and 2 Cats: Nikey and Fluffy
Web site www.mikeyclancy.com

1st UKWA Pro Expression SessionIrish Intervarsity’s Wave Champion

Irish U19 Champion

Irish Junior Champion

25th Overall PWA Wave World Championships 2009

25th PWA Sylt World Cup 2009

25th PWA Gran Canaria Worldcup 2009

6th Junior Wave World Championship Pozo 2007

Why NorthSails

NorthSails produce the highest end windsurfing sails across every spectrum of windsurfing. With the experience of developing sails, The NorthSails team are creating the worlds most innovative and revolutionary sail designs - a team which I am proud to be part of.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Irish Wave Charger