André Paskowski


Nickname Packo, Sarnowski, Pasakowski everything what is conected with my lastname
Sailnumber G2
DOB April 16th, 1982
Birthplace Rostock, Germany
Currently living in Somewhere... El Yaque, Hamburg and a lot of contests
Current car Europcar rental cars
Started Windsurfing in 1990, a cold day in Dennmark without wetsuit ...
People you like to sail with Gollito. He always tries new stuff and makes a lot of jokes on the water
Favourite spot Any spot with a little bit of wind and not too cold water
Favourite food Sushi
Favourite magazine I like all extreme sports magazines
Hobbies Technical stuff, ice-skating
Pets No! I don't think a pet would stay long on my side
Favourite music Allover: some chill out in the evening, some aggressive songs in the morning
Web site
Results - 3rd Surf Cup Sylt Wave/Freestyle 2010
- 5th PWA/EFPT Podersdorf 2010
- 2nd EFPT Freestyle Overall 2009
- 2nd EFPT Naxos/Greece 2009
- 7th PWA Freestyle Overall 2009
- 9th PWA Freestyle Sylt 2009
- 2nd EFPT Alacati King of the Bay 2009
- 2nd EFPT Freestyle Palekastro 2009
- 3rd EFPT Freestyle Lefkada 2009
- 3rd EFPT Freestyle Sardegna 2009
- 10th PWA Freestyle Overall 2008
- 5th PWA Freestyle Sylt 2008
- 5th EFPT Overall 2008
- 3rd EFPT Alacati 2008
- 6th PWA Freestyle Lanzarote2008
- European Freestyle Champion 2006 and 2007
- European Freestyle Vice Champion 2005
- Top 10 PWA Freestyle

Why North Sails

I am with North Sails now for many years. I am happy with all the equipment and with the people behind the brand.

What do you want to be remembered for

I am a person who tries to work as good as he can

Anything to add...

Go for it 100%! And thanks to my mother and father!